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New members come to the Anakazi Business Network with an innate passion and desire to grow their businesses or careers. They believe in their own capacity and capability to achieve growth, but recognize that they need and want help to succeed.

ABN offers different membership options because we realize the unique goals and needs of the individual women we serve. Some may seek assistance with: quick, aggressive growth; specific business refinements; strengthening their business fundamentals; devising effective marketing strategies; or starting or growing a career. Each member chooses the membership approach that is right for her.

Standard Membership $50
In general, every paid member will have access to the following basic benefits :

  • Business mixers
  • Online business plan workshops and tutorials
  • Women-owned business directory accessible via paid membership
  • Advertising opportunities
  • High-level networking via worldwide chapters
  • Attendance at international conferences
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Mentoring by example Impact

Select a chapter

From the options below, choose between “1” or “2” for individual membership packages, or choose “3” for group (five people) or corporate membership and complete your membership profile.

Additional Packages

1. Start-Up – $50
Do you have a great business idea or are you starting a new career? Starting a business can be exhilarating, lonely, frustrating, and awesome all at once. You may be having a tough time finding people who can relate to the day-to-day challenges you face while working on your start-up. Get a start-up membership and join a community where you can swap stories and advice, and even test other ABN members’ products and services.. Get in on the action; start now!

2. GoingforGrowth Membership – $150
Are established in your business or career and now yearn to take it to the next level? If you want to expand your network into previously unchartered territory,. GoingforGrowth is the membership option for you. You will have access to:

  • A diverse group of exceptional business leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds and
  • Transformative peer-mentoring opportunities that suit your schedule and daily commitments.

3. Corporate or Group Membership (Group of five) – $500[/title]
Corporations, organizations, and other firms can elevate their employees through an ABN Corporate Membership. Each membership package covers up to five women and includes:

  • The same benefits as our Individual GoingforGrowth membership;
  • Recognition in the Anakazi e-newsletter with photo and bio;
  • A spotlighted interview on the Voices of Anakazi podcast and website;
  • Discounted event tickets and so much more.


Payment Options

  • Credit card:
  • Check: Make Checks Payable to Anakazi Business Network