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http://apnee.ffessm.fr/?persuasive-speech-on-linux-versus-windows Innovation has increased the standard of living so dramatically for so many people that it’s difficult for most of us to even imagine life without it. Whatever the challenge may be, innovation can be one of the most effective ways to deal with it.

Innovation comes from an attitude of knowing that there must be a better way. Innovation comes when you’re open to change.

Many new ideas and innovations probably won’t work. Yet that one innovation that will work is worth the effort needed to discover and develop it because it can dramatically change things.

In 2018 and beyond our goal is promote local innovation among women business owners. In close cooperation with our partners globally, our organization plans to deliver innovative ICT solutions that help our African women address the challenges of digital transformation. Together, we are building a collaborative ecosystem that promotes shared success.


Esnart Ndlovu
Founder, KopaNart
Abigail Mwailenge
Founder, Mommies & Munckin
Vera Luyanga
Founder, SlimVin
Mainga Banda
Founder, M'simbi Dolls
Gertrude Mutender
Owner, Kumbis Designers & Tailors
Perpetua Mulikita
Gina's Cupcakes
Abigail Silupumbwe
Owner, Charis Beauty & Barbershop
Freda Chipeta
Owner, Immaculate Fashion
Catherine Chileshe
Owner, Blue Diamond
Misozi Bweupe
Owner, Sidewalk Shoes
Jacqueline Nalomba
Owner, Karma's Fresh Food Deliveries
Clara Kangombe
Owner, One Seba Helping Hand
Sharon Banda
Fatima Khan
Owner, Tiffs' Events
Namwita Msoka
Owner, Nams' Garden Concepts
Rosa Mwila
Owner, Style Crush Boutique
Beauty Musenge
Owner, Royal Technology
Chama Chola
Owner, Crystals Beauty Hub
Natasha Kabondo
Co-Owner, Midas Touch Network
Natasha Muzyamba
Owner, Muzya Estates
Mutale Puta
Owner, Perfect Hair Care
Rehana Issa
Owner, Nasiha Crafts & Creations
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Mirriam Banda
Owner, MiMi Online Store
Christabel KM
Owner, Berosa Express Ventures

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