Business Development

Anakazi Center Business Network
The Anakazi Center Business Network is designed to encourage and facilitate the growth, performance and integrity of professional women by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange. Consisting of a dynamic, international network organized by African women for African Women, members share a motivation for achievement and prosperity. Through the use of technology and the natural inclination of women to connect and share information, members build relationships with other women, learn from one another and share resources in order to achieve their goals

The Business Network consists of a variety of activities to facilitate successful business ventures owned by women. Members enjoy special perks with a sliding free or paid membership scales.

Since establishing the Business Network, women participants have reaped positive results including fostering meaningful partnerships and increasing business exposure. To become a member, support the Business Network as a sponsor or business consultant, click here.

  • Business mixers
  • Online business plan workshops and tutorials
  • Women-owned business directory accessible via paid membership
  • Advertising opportunities
  • High-level networking via worldwide chapters
  • Attendance at international conferences
  • Mentoring by example Impact
  • Speaking opportunities

Car Boot Sale Start-Ups -Testing the Waters

Anakazi Cyber Boutique is an online platform empowering women and girls in Africa to access markets beyond their comfort  zones through mobile technology. More and more African women are being trained to use technology to access information and market their products through social media and traditional methods.
Anakazi Center promotes technology among African women and girls and through the Anakazi Cyber Boutique, women can access information and tips on technology trends. You also get to experience the Tech and African Fashion fusion and learn how African women are using and making tech accessories made from recycled products and African fabrics.

However, many women entrepreneurs still opt to debut their goods at local flea markets or car boot sales. And the timing couldn’t be better: Communities around the world are showing a rekindled love for African handmade and vintage goods, locally-produced artisan-made crafts, and vintage clothing and housewares. Between economic uncertainty and the desire for simplicity and sustainability, more people are shopping at flea markets and car boot sales. Anakazi Business Network hosts car boot sales in Zambia to help women debut new products or sell various products among network members and the public.