Business Incubator



Women have a natural inclination to connect and make friends easily. The Anakazi Business Network experience is designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is supportive, educational, and dynamic so women may: have easy and unlimited access to one another's encouragement, knowledge, talents, and resources. ABN members and friends connect with one another during networking events, through the ABN website, and during their own contacts.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Often non-profit organizations will have overlapping activities leading to waste or redundant activities. Our goal is to tap into existing organizations providing services to women and supplementing their efforts in business development and advocacy.


Access to business development support and information

Women lack access to business development support networks. Some studies reveal 90% of African women lack access to such support. We intend to increase this access by providing support through free and accessible means utilizing social media.