Incubator & Co-Working Space


Entrepreneurship Collaboration

Women share a motivation for achievement and prosperity.

Members build relationships with other dynamic women, learn from one another, and share resources in order to achieve their goals.

The Anakazi experience is designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is supportive, educational, and dynamic so women may: have easy and unlimited access to one another’s encouragement, knowledge, talents, and resources. Incubator members connect with one another during networking events, through the Anakazi website, and in the course of their own contacts.




Do you want to learn about social innovation, social enterprise or launch a startup with purpose?

Members learn how to innovate, survive and stand out. Innovation provides an edge, boosting productivity, growth and profitability.

Through the online portal women and youth will network, create market linkages and partner with other women across the globe for greater access to markets.