Anakazi Center emphasizes the importance of bringing light to the various issues facing women globally. Women often face considerable challenges due to the influences of economic disenfranchisement, limited education and traditional practices that foster gender inequality. Conversely, playing the central role of nurturing and caring for the family, women also have unique advantages in being key influencers. Anakazi Center strives to be an avenue for change by providing strategic support of high-impact causes.

Anakazi raises the voices of women by hosting a Radio program that features discussion topics ranging from current events, policy and reforms and campaigns of note to the opportunities and challenges of women enterprises.

Over two hundred women leaders and experts in various fields have been interviewed on Voices of Anakazi since its inception. These leaders also serve as mentors to the Young Anakazi program.

Anakazi provides domestic violence financial management training, mentorship support to HIV support groups for young women, and raises awareness for women with disabilities.


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