What We Do

Business Development

The Anakazi Center Business Network is designed to encourage and facilitate the growth, performance, and integrity of professional women by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange. Consisting of a dynamic, international network organized by African women for African Women, members share a motivation for achievement and prosperity. With technology and the natural inclination of women to connect and share information, members build relationships with other women, learn from one another and share resources to achieve their goals.


Anakazi Center emphasizes the importance of bringing light to the various issues facing women in Africa and the Diaspora. African women often face considerable challenges due to the influences of economic disenfranchisement, limited education and traditional practices that foster gender inequality. Conversely, playing the central role of nurturing and caring for the family, women also have unique advantages in being key influencers. Anakazi Center strives to be an avenue for change by providing strategic support of high-impact causes.


Career Development

Many African women face obstacles in developing or growing their businesses. These obstacles include, lack of access to finance, lack of business development support networks, cultural barriers, and low technology use. Having a mentor is necessary for women to develop, as mentors provide specific skills, knowledge, and abilities to help groom for success, provide strategic business advice and assists with the tools to negotiate and conquer the corporate and business terrain.